Getting Jiggy With Your Bad Self

It is really important to let yourself have time to get jiggy. What I mean by this is many of us let are mind, body and spirit get bored. We need to give ourselves license to up and move any way we want. It might require you closing the door to your office, but after that the world is your oyster! Shake it up and down, twist around, were your heart leads follow it.

Please know I’m not saying the classic office exercise; of going for a walk or taking stairs isn’t important. I’m just saying if we let the mind, body or spirit get the bored the rest will follow. Our creative juices will cease to flow and the work we produce will grow stagnate.

Besides it never hurts to find new and unique ways to keep your day interesting. Be my definition getting your jiggy on means to move or dance around.

 But… just imagine what your jiggy might look like.


About the author

Rebecca Thorsen