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By Rebecca Thorsen / October 12, 2020

We’ve all seen them and some of us have them. I remember the first tattoo I ever saw: It was on my dad’s forearm, and it had the word ‘mother’ on it. The funny thing is I never asked him why he had it. As the years went by it started to fade and now […]


Leaf Peepers

By Rebecca Thorsen / September 23, 2020

This past week Happy Hubby and I made a trip to West Virginia. When we left the leaves had that ‘look’, you know what I mean. Like something was about to happen. While, the trip home showed us what had happened. The leaves have begun to turn. Oh Happy Day! To celebrate I am reposting […]


Back to School

By Rebecca Thorsen / September 1, 2020

Since this year school for our children is anything but normal. I thought I would share my blog post from last year. I hope you all enjoy it. I also wish each and everyone of you a smooth transition to the abnormal that is the return to the academic year.    Many kids have already started back […]


Counting My Blessings

By Rebecca Thorsen / August 19, 2020

Over the past year my now ninety year old father experienced everything from a broken hip to recovery stay infection. Being the tough  guy he is, he managed the up hill fight and is still with us. That is why I am reposting ‘Counting my Blessings. Enjoy! This past week a high school classmate shared the […]


The Lemon Tree

By Rebecca Thorsen / July 13, 2020

In the early years of our military life, Happy Hubby was sent back to our home state of Washington for some training. For us it meant a road trip. When you live in North Carolina, the best choice for winter travel west is a southern route. Down the east coast via the 95, through South Carolina, […]