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Seize The Moment! Spread Your Wings And Fly!

By Rebecca Thorsen / August 3, 2020

Seizing the moment can be the most exciting part about doing business. Finding some way each day to push you and your business to achieve greatness.  As we all know, greatness can come in many forms. From something as simple as creating a ‘tickle file’ to keep track of all your business fun and games […]


This Month You Can Make A Difference

By Rebecca Thorsen / July 23, 2020

Pick a month, any month and decide that this month I am going to make a difference. Have the courage and confidence to do something difference. Small successes are the best way to see an improving differences in your business. Tell a story on Instagram, start a new board on Pinterest or join a group […]


When Your Future’s So Bright…

By Rebecca Thorsen / July 19, 2020

We all have those days when all we want is a bright future, but it’s looking a bit gray right now. It’s really OK, because everything looks brighter with contrast. Have you ever noticed when you get up to a dark and stormy sky, your mood will often follows? However, by the time the sun […]